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Sunday, February 26, 2012

February is coming to an end ~ why is time going by so fast??

Hey there friends ~

How are you doing? Have you been crafty at all this past month?

I had my knitting class, I really enjoyed it... but the yarn that was supplied was NOT something I would want around my neck! I think I will be learning to make slippers sometime in the near future!  LOL anyone know of someone that would like 1 red and 1 blue slipper??   OH WELL!!
Since my class I have made a "knit" hat for Violet. OK so it was made on one of those looms, but it LOOKS knit ~ I will let you be the judge of that though :-) I have started another one as well, after all... I have LOTS of yarn like this to get rid of. 

I also have a new student, she has had 2 classes so far. Her first class she got all her fabric cut and blocks sewn together, she even got her first row and part of the next sewn together. I gave her homework too ~ sewing the rest of the blocks into rows. :-) All her homework was finished in time for second class yesterday. In class she got her rows all sewn together, and the borders cut & sewn on. Top is complete & she is thrilled! She got the backing all pieced and pressed and then the pinning started. It looks really great ~ I will get a picture of her quilt at her next class in a couple weeks. She will be working on the quilting and possibly setting up more classes.

Maria has also been here a couple times to work on a baby quilt for a friend of the family.
I helped her pick the fabrics a couple weeks ago. The parents have painted the room orange with white bead board on the bottom. I saw a picture of the nursery last week and even though it would not have been a choice I would have picked... it looks really bright and cheery. The first 3 hour session found her with all the cutting done... she did most of it and I am very proud of her! She also got all her blocks sewn together and started her first 2 rows! Then Friday night she came over and got the rest of the blocks sewn into rows and the top ready for quilting (which I did yesterday). Now the search for the right quilting thread!
As soon as I find the thread I will get it quilted and the binding done.
The baby shower is on St Patty's day so I don't need to rush too much! 

So that about wraps up what I have been doing, between work, the new puppy... walks for said puppy, eating and sleeping ~ I guess that is pretty good!

Well I am going to sign off ~ get out there.... be safe... and get crafty!!