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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Well it's been 2 weeks ~ what have YOU been doing??

Well I haven't done anything "QUILTY in the last 2 weeks, that is so sad!  I have been looking for piping for the Gummy Bear Pillow that will be going to Ireland, but the only things I have found so far are either  UGLY, REALLY EXPENSIVE ..... or NYLON, which is not good for a cotton pillow.  I will continue the search next weekend, and if I don't find what I am looking for I will just have to figure out something else.

Last weekend I was so excited about my upcoming knitting class, that I started watching some YouTube Videos. Between the memories of what Pat taught me when I was 7 or 8 years old and watching the videos I managed to start a scarf! OK so the first attempt from last weekend will NEVER be shown... however this is what I have right now, and I am pretty pleased with it!! I know it has issues on the sides, but hey ~ I am a beginner :-) I will probably ravel or rip it out after taking the class and make it a bit narrower, oh an use bigger needles!! The ones I am using now are 13 ~ I think I will go for a 17 on the re-do. The yarn is so very soft, I used Lion Brand Super Bulky #6. Not exactically sure what all that means ~ but it sounded pretty smart huh???!!!

Other than that the best part of the last 2 weeks.... actually the last 4 days, is that we have adopted a puppy from "Canines With A Cause" It is a Salt Lake based nonprofit organization. http://canines-with-a-cause.blogspot.com/  They also have a Face Book page http://www.facebook.com/#!/CaninesWithACause  His name is Hank and he is just too darn cute for words!  SMART... holy cow is he smart!!! I just started working with him on "sit" yesterday.... and he has it now! What comes next.... LOL I wish the house training was as easy!!  Anyhow here is our boy, we love him to pieces already and I think he loves us too!
Right now he is sleeping under Doc's computer desk....I wonder how long he will fit under there??   In reading the paperwork from CWAC (Canines With A Cause) It looks like there MAY be a SLIGHT possibility that he is an Australian Shepherd/Huskey mix. That MIGHT explain the feet that are 2" across!! But whatever he is ~ he is ours now and forever. Thank you CWAC for rescuing our handsome boy, and picking us to adopt him!!! Oh and Friday night after our walk.... I thought I broke him for a while :-) I quickly found out that he was just totally relaxed.... a walk... massage.. and brushing tends to do this to him. Who would have thought???!!!

For now I will sign off ~ need to take our boy for a walk, and think quilty thoughts.

Stay safe, stay well, stay warm ... and get creative!!

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