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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sorry only 1 picture this week ~~

Have you have had a good week... have you been Crafty?

I got an interesting Email this past Thursday morning.
Turns out that a gentleman in IRELAND was looking at my website (my-time-2-quilt.biz)
He saw the pillow I made for Stacy back in 2008-2009 and wanted to know if I still had any "Gummy Bear Fabric" left. So looks like I will be making a Gummy Bear Pillow and sending it to Ireland. I think that is pretty darn cool!! Tomorrow after work I will start figuring out the pillow, I need to embroider a name on it and figure out where it will look best to have it, also need to find out if he wants it to say anything else ;-) Hopefully I will have it finished, or close to finished by next weekend so I can share it with you all.

Friday night I got the last 2 embroideries done on the Sock Monkey quilt, and this morning I finished the quilting and got the binding and label sewn on!! YIPPEE!!!! I will be giving it to Amber on 1/26 when she comes to the office for our monthly meeting. I am so excited to give it to her!!

Anyhow, the last bit of exciting news I have to share is that I signed up for a knitting class!!! I know, Doc said the same thing... WHY do you want to start something else when you have so many things to quilt??? Sorry I can't answer that ~ just my crafty self seeking something new to explore!! Class isn't till Feb 11 so you will have to wait and see what I am going to make.... LOL and since I am not sure myself, we will all be surprised!! But in my excitement I have been checking out You Tube Videos too..... maybe I WON'T wait till 2/11!

So till next time ~ stay safe, and find a way to let your creativity shine!!



  1. It turned out so cute!!! Amber will love it.

    1. Amber??? Amber who.... JUST KIDDING!!!! I hope so, it was really fun to make ~ once I found these adodrable Monkeys that is!!!
      Thanks so much for the comment!!