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Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Is coming to an end ~

As I have looked back through my Blog this morning I noticed that I have gotten away from the idea I had when I started this. Quilting is the reason I started ~ I wanted to share my passion with friends and family, keep you up to date on what I have been doing. Somehow it evolved into what Doc & I had been doing, the flowers that have bloomed, the weather, etc. Although I may briefly touch on these things in the future I will concentrate more on Quilting. What I have been working on or what I want to work on. I may even have class ideas I want to bounce around, or if you have any ideas I would love to hear from you. I have not taught a class in over a year, and I miss sharing what I know, and helping to pass the love of quilting to others. If you have any ideas on this ~ PLEASE SHARE!!!

So let me see, looks like the last time I posted any quilty info was back in June. Since then, I made a quilt for baby Emma, My #2/Friend/Co-worker,I met Maria when I Started working for Mountain Land Rehab. Maria is the one that I helped to make the Winnie The Pooh quilt fo her little man Ethan, now she has her beautiful little Emma... and Emma has this little quilt.

The other quilt I made was for a lady that lives in MA. She was vacationing in June here in Utah, saw my KSL ad and contacted me about making a quilt for her to give her husband for Christmas. I started out pretty doing pretty good with this one, then ran out of time so had to call for reinforcements!! Micki came over several times in Oct & Nov to help with the layout so I could just sew... and sew... and sew some more. Thanks for the Help Micki!!! The quilt I made for her turned out really great!! It is all flannel and toasty warm!!!

Then last night I started a Sock Monkey quilt ~ I had been looking for Sock Monkey Embroidery designs for a couple weeks. They were just sent via Email this morning, & I am REALLY EXCITED about starting on them. I did a rough layout for the fabric last night..... OK so I was up till 2AM working on the layout :-) but here it is so far, I will start doing an embroidery later today. My goal is to get just 1 wmbroidery done today, then pics next weekend :-) Let me know what you think :-)

First however comes finishing the laundry I started yesterday (yeah I know... it was Christmas) Maybe I will even start taking down & puttin away Christmas. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and are making fun plans for the new year.

Till next time ~ do something creative that will make you happy ~

((from me to you))