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Sunday, June 5, 2011

More than a month has passed.....

Where is time going ~ My Mom was right when she told me that the older you get, the faster time flies! But then Mom was right about almost everything I think. How many of us ever thought that would be the case I wonder. Wow ~ I am being far to philosophical for my own good I think!! Enough of that!!
OK so June has arrived, and with it ... spring has finally sprung???

So with this bit of news .... the flowers blooming, weather warming, yard sales starting ~ I am finding that I want to be outdoors ...... but alas ~ I have much too much to do downstairs right now to partake in "outside stuff".

I have finished the last of the customer quilting for a while, the last one was picked up yesterday. She says she has another one but judging from what she brought with her yesterday it will be a while before I get it. So now I get to finish working on a baby quilt that I started a few weeks ago. The embroidery is finished ~ I just need to get that last row of blocks sewn together, and get me some backing. Not sure how I will quilt it yet but I have a little time to figure that out still :-) Aren't these the cutest little giraffes you ever did see???

After this quilt I have one to do for a baby girl that will be born in September ~ her name is Emma and she will have a VERY girlie quilt ..... full of birght pastels with cute little girl's embroidered all over it. Gonna be fun ~ next time I post there should be a pic of that and this one finished.

Then comes the curtains for Violets new bedroom :-) this should be fun as I have NEVER tried to sew with fabric this shear!!

Well I better get going ~ nothing is being finished with me sitting up here typing away ~
Take care and as always do something fun ... be safe... be happy and be creative!!