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Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's Happening in West Valley????

Happy first day of May ~
We woke up yesterday to about 4" of snow ~ WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???

Since the last time I wrote... what have I done... why do I feel like nothing is happening? I know I seem to be busy all the time, but right now my mind is a blank. NOT GOOD!

OK ok ~at work we did the presentation of the quilt to Carol. She was really surprised, and says she loves the quilt. Almost everyone that worked on the quilt was able to come and participate(even some non participants that just wanted to show their support). Courtney got us cheese and crackers to nibble on while we visited.

It's really nice working for a company where the employees really care about and want to support one another during good times and bad.

Next weekend we will be showing our support by doing the Susan G Komen "Race for the Cure" Through down town Salt Lake. So far there are 27 people on our team here in Utah. But there are more teams in other states, that are walking under the Brighton/Mountainland "Banner"
So wish us luck, this will be the second walk that Doc & I have participated in. Oh and if I talk to any of you this week.... remind me to take IBUPROFEN Friday night & Saturday morning :-) Believe me I will remember Sadurday afternoon, evening, Sunday.... Monday..... Tuesday etc. but it will be worth it!! If you have never done a cancer walk ~ you need to at least once in your life!

Now on to other things I guess ~
Here is my latest quilt, I work with the Mommy to be. This is her first baby. She picked out the bright blue, green and orange when she was here to work on Carol's quilt. I went through my stash to pull the other colors in & another co-worker/friend... my #2 Maria came over one weekend to help me pick the embroidery.

Well I am having issues with my computer and trying to get this edited.... so think I will quilt for a few days ~

As always take care ~ do something fun... and be creative & be happy!!!