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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today I am learning......

There will be some changes coming soon ~ LOL, as soon as I can get organized ;-)

Doc is teaching me Picasa ~ I am trying to remember all of that he is saying ~ yes the key word there is TRYING! Hopefully before the end of May I will have 3 slide shows posted ~ maybe even more!! When I learn it, and it is up and running, it will be really cool. OK maybe it will be more like the end of summer ~ but hey ~ I need to set my goals right???

LOL ~I set goals for myself all the time .... sometimes I even get things done that are on the list :-) For example, my list that I made for myself EARLY yesterday morning for the things I needed to get done this weekend ~ well it is 7PM on Sunday night and I have about 1/4 of my list crossed off. Wow that is'nt very good is it ...... I really need to get on the stick!!

This past week has been really busy for me. I finished 2 quilts for Pam, and another lady called me that I quilted for last Dec. She brought me a quilt that needs to be all finished by this coming Thursday, including the binding. Well the quilting is done ~ it's squared up and I am almost 3/4 of the way around with the binding. Yea me!!

OK so dinner is ready ~ so I better get. But after dinner I AM GOING BACK DOWNSTAIRS but just to finish 1 more thing on my list..... OK maybe 2 more things. LOL ~ OK, maybe I am dreaming again.

Well wish me luck ~ and you all have a PRODUCTIVE week ~ and do something fun & creative while you are at it. See you next weekend!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome friends to snowy West Valley :-)

Yesterday I thought was a bit chilly, but actually 70* and this morning we woke up to snow :-) I love the surprises we get here in Utah! Speaking of surprises just 6 hours after taking these 2 pictures... and a few more for good measure.....

This is what happened... the sun came out .... the sky was blue The Easter flag uncurled.... Then it snowed again LOL. All in all it was a beautiful day! Let me see... in the way of quilting ~ I finished 2 quilts for Pam since last weekend, and when she came to pick them up, she left 2 with me. Yesterday I finished another for her and today got another one started. I was hoping to have it finished for her to pick up tomorrow... but alas ~ problems with the tension again. Oh and speaking of finished quilts.... here is the brown dinosaur quilt that I finished a week ago. It has been delivered to the parents-to-be and I have been told that they love it. Now if I could just find the backing for the red & blue dinos, I would be thrilled! That picture will have to wait for a while though ~ got too much going on right now to fret over that one :-) Well it is getting late and I need to get up and go to work tomorrow.... the weekends just fly by too darn fast!! Hope you all have a great week ~ and remember to cherish those you love.

Do something creative & enjoy!!