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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I think I fell asleep at the wheel ~ AGAIN!!!

Where have I been.... what have I been doing???

The answers to these and other questions will be coming up after these messages.... JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

The answer is nothing really special ~

I have been here at home.. and at work ~ I have been working at work... and at home either quilting, watching TV, or reading I have read about 12 books and a couple short stories ~ all on my Pandigital and I am still loving it!!! All the books so far have been the right price... FREE!!!!

I have had quilts that I have been working on for clients, 3 finished and 4 left to do. Finished the brown dinosaur quilt finally ~ still waiting to wash and deliver that one... the blue dinosaur quilt top is finished but need to find the right flannel for the back of it (so that one is on hold, pictures to come later). The last time I posted, I told you about a friend being diagnosed with breast cancer ~ I have designed a quilt for her and some of our co-workers have been coming by since the first week in Feb to help make the blocks. I finished the borders last Friday night ... OK so it was 1:55 AM Saturday morning(what's a few hours when you are doing something you enjoy!). I got it loaded on the long arm last weekend and was up till 1AM again last night ~ but managed to get the quilting finished and the binding sewn on. Today and tomorrow I will spend my time... making the label, hand stitching the binding ~ HOPEFULLY washing it and getting it ready to present to her, but first I need to get the photo album ready that will go along with it. That and working on taxes, laundry, and loading up another client quilt, and I guess it is time to get that KSL add back up and running! I have got to get that $$ coming in somehow! :-) I will be trying to get more classes up and running again so if you know of anyone that wants to learn to make a quilt I am a pretty good teacher ~ and lots of fun to have around!! Stacy & Violet have been in Florida visiting her Dad and his fiancee, and some of her friends for the last 2 weeks ~ they will be going home on Wed of next week. Violet... normally a very happy girl has been a bit less than that during their vacation .... What is with her and Grandpa anyhow?

Even taking a snooze in the car she looks unhappy.... check out them fists!!

She mellows out a bit for her pool time though, she ALMOST looks happy.

Well now that it is nearly lunch time, I will stop and get me some cereal ~ watch a couple episodes of NCIS & Young Riders with Doc and get back to work on the quilt. You all take care and as always ~ find a way to be creative and enjoy!!