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Sunday, January 2, 2011


OK so I know it has been a while again since my last post..... Christmas has come and gone..... and now New Years as well. I know I have asked this before.... but WHERE does time go???

I have been keeping myself really busy ~ missing my girls .... work..... movies & TV with Doc... quilting and reading. Yep I said reading.... something I always loved growing up and even after I had Stacy I loved reading. Well I totally splurged and bought myself a Pandigital E-Reader.... I have already finished my first book on it and even picked up the book on my bedside table and started reading that too. Great thing to have...and you can even get FREE books at Barnes & Noble..... Downloaded while you still look! AMAZING!!!

Oh and for those Embroidery Machine owners out there.... a new client told me about this incredible website..... $6.00 a month for as many designs as you want. FUN STUFF!!!! http://www.embroiderydk.com/ the day I paid my first $6.00 I downloaded 138 designs .... but I am NOT addicted....... no I'm really not.

I finished all the quilts for my supervisor by the second week in December..... got them all delivered and then the final customer quilt was finished on 12/21... WHEW!

Now I get to do the quilts that I have fallen behind with :-) ...... I finished one for a former quilting student.... she is having her first baby..... SOON!!! I am so happy for her and her hubby ~ they have been trying for a long time and this little angel has no clue what a great set of parents she is going to have. So here is the quilt I made for her, I finished this one on Christmas day. Two of the lady bugs on here came from that website :-)
Then I took a 4 day breather before starting in on my next endeavors. Once again I have turned to the coolest website, my next 2 quilts have the same theme......and use the same pattern ~
these are for boys so we have dinosaurs!!! In looking at my stash I decided to do the first one in browns.... HOLY COW!!!! It is so cute, I started cutting out the fabric on 12/31 at like 7:30 AM and had the top together along with 3 of the 5 embroidery designs before going to bed .... just after midnight. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Now I need to go get something for the backing..... but first need to start another one ~ this one is for the cousin of the brown one..... so it will have dinos on it too...... but in shades of blue with red and the dinos will match :-). It is a work in progress.... but I am HOPING to have the top together by mid week and get the embroidery done by the weekend....
LOL wish me luck on that one!!! I know there are a lot of holes on this one ~ but the TV is covered with pieces of fabric ;-) Once I get
the top together for this one I am off to the first of 2 client quilts for January.
Oh did I mention that this week is month end at work???? LOL WHERE can I buy more time.... and how do I pay for it?
Well I better get back to that fabric on the TV ~ need to get a few more rows put together. Oh shoot... laundry.... aghhhhhhhhhhhhh I am out of here!!!
Take care and remember ~
Creativity is good for the soul!!! Go out and be creative!!