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Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Is coming to an end ~

As I have looked back through my Blog this morning I noticed that I have gotten away from the idea I had when I started this. Quilting is the reason I started ~ I wanted to share my passion with friends and family, keep you up to date on what I have been doing. Somehow it evolved into what Doc & I had been doing, the flowers that have bloomed, the weather, etc. Although I may briefly touch on these things in the future I will concentrate more on Quilting. What I have been working on or what I want to work on. I may even have class ideas I want to bounce around, or if you have any ideas I would love to hear from you. I have not taught a class in over a year, and I miss sharing what I know, and helping to pass the love of quilting to others. If you have any ideas on this ~ PLEASE SHARE!!!

So let me see, looks like the last time I posted any quilty info was back in June. Since then, I made a quilt for baby Emma, My #2/Friend/Co-worker,I met Maria when I Started working for Mountain Land Rehab. Maria is the one that I helped to make the Winnie The Pooh quilt fo her little man Ethan, now she has her beautiful little Emma... and Emma has this little quilt.

The other quilt I made was for a lady that lives in MA. She was vacationing in June here in Utah, saw my KSL ad and contacted me about making a quilt for her to give her husband for Christmas. I started out pretty doing pretty good with this one, then ran out of time so had to call for reinforcements!! Micki came over several times in Oct & Nov to help with the layout so I could just sew... and sew... and sew some more. Thanks for the Help Micki!!! The quilt I made for her turned out really great!! It is all flannel and toasty warm!!!

Then last night I started a Sock Monkey quilt ~ I had been looking for Sock Monkey Embroidery designs for a couple weeks. They were just sent via Email this morning, & I am REALLY EXCITED about starting on them. I did a rough layout for the fabric last night..... OK so I was up till 2AM working on the layout :-) but here it is so far, I will start doing an embroidery later today. My goal is to get just 1 wmbroidery done today, then pics next weekend :-) Let me know what you think :-)

First however comes finishing the laundry I started yesterday (yeah I know... it was Christmas) Maybe I will even start taking down & puttin away Christmas. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and are making fun plans for the new year.

Till next time ~ do something creative that will make you happy ~

((from me to you))

Sunday, June 5, 2011

More than a month has passed.....

Where is time going ~ My Mom was right when she told me that the older you get, the faster time flies! But then Mom was right about almost everything I think. How many of us ever thought that would be the case I wonder. Wow ~ I am being far to philosophical for my own good I think!! Enough of that!!
OK so June has arrived, and with it ... spring has finally sprung???

So with this bit of news .... the flowers blooming, weather warming, yard sales starting ~ I am finding that I want to be outdoors ...... but alas ~ I have much too much to do downstairs right now to partake in "outside stuff".

I have finished the last of the customer quilting for a while, the last one was picked up yesterday. She says she has another one but judging from what she brought with her yesterday it will be a while before I get it. So now I get to finish working on a baby quilt that I started a few weeks ago. The embroidery is finished ~ I just need to get that last row of blocks sewn together, and get me some backing. Not sure how I will quilt it yet but I have a little time to figure that out still :-) Aren't these the cutest little giraffes you ever did see???

After this quilt I have one to do for a baby girl that will be born in September ~ her name is Emma and she will have a VERY girlie quilt ..... full of birght pastels with cute little girl's embroidered all over it. Gonna be fun ~ next time I post there should be a pic of that and this one finished.

Then comes the curtains for Violets new bedroom :-) this should be fun as I have NEVER tried to sew with fabric this shear!!

Well I better get going ~ nothing is being finished with me sitting up here typing away ~
Take care and as always do something fun ... be safe... be happy and be creative!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's Happening in West Valley????

Happy first day of May ~
We woke up yesterday to about 4" of snow ~ WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???

Since the last time I wrote... what have I done... why do I feel like nothing is happening? I know I seem to be busy all the time, but right now my mind is a blank. NOT GOOD!

OK ok ~at work we did the presentation of the quilt to Carol. She was really surprised, and says she loves the quilt. Almost everyone that worked on the quilt was able to come and participate(even some non participants that just wanted to show their support). Courtney got us cheese and crackers to nibble on while we visited.

It's really nice working for a company where the employees really care about and want to support one another during good times and bad.

Next weekend we will be showing our support by doing the Susan G Komen "Race for the Cure" Through down town Salt Lake. So far there are 27 people on our team here in Utah. But there are more teams in other states, that are walking under the Brighton/Mountainland "Banner"
So wish us luck, this will be the second walk that Doc & I have participated in. Oh and if I talk to any of you this week.... remind me to take IBUPROFEN Friday night & Saturday morning :-) Believe me I will remember Sadurday afternoon, evening, Sunday.... Monday..... Tuesday etc. but it will be worth it!! If you have never done a cancer walk ~ you need to at least once in your life!

Now on to other things I guess ~
Here is my latest quilt, I work with the Mommy to be. This is her first baby. She picked out the bright blue, green and orange when she was here to work on Carol's quilt. I went through my stash to pull the other colors in & another co-worker/friend... my #2 Maria came over one weekend to help me pick the embroidery.

Well I am having issues with my computer and trying to get this edited.... so think I will quilt for a few days ~

As always take care ~ do something fun... and be creative & be happy!!!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today I am learning......

There will be some changes coming soon ~ LOL, as soon as I can get organized ;-)

Doc is teaching me Picasa ~ I am trying to remember all of that he is saying ~ yes the key word there is TRYING! Hopefully before the end of May I will have 3 slide shows posted ~ maybe even more!! When I learn it, and it is up and running, it will be really cool. OK maybe it will be more like the end of summer ~ but hey ~ I need to set my goals right???

LOL ~I set goals for myself all the time .... sometimes I even get things done that are on the list :-) For example, my list that I made for myself EARLY yesterday morning for the things I needed to get done this weekend ~ well it is 7PM on Sunday night and I have about 1/4 of my list crossed off. Wow that is'nt very good is it ...... I really need to get on the stick!!

This past week has been really busy for me. I finished 2 quilts for Pam, and another lady called me that I quilted for last Dec. She brought me a quilt that needs to be all finished by this coming Thursday, including the binding. Well the quilting is done ~ it's squared up and I am almost 3/4 of the way around with the binding. Yea me!!

OK so dinner is ready ~ so I better get. But after dinner I AM GOING BACK DOWNSTAIRS but just to finish 1 more thing on my list..... OK maybe 2 more things. LOL ~ OK, maybe I am dreaming again.

Well wish me luck ~ and you all have a PRODUCTIVE week ~ and do something fun & creative while you are at it. See you next weekend!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome friends to snowy West Valley :-)

Yesterday I thought was a bit chilly, but actually 70* and this morning we woke up to snow :-) I love the surprises we get here in Utah! Speaking of surprises just 6 hours after taking these 2 pictures... and a few more for good measure.....

This is what happened... the sun came out .... the sky was blue The Easter flag uncurled.... Then it snowed again LOL. All in all it was a beautiful day! Let me see... in the way of quilting ~ I finished 2 quilts for Pam since last weekend, and when she came to pick them up, she left 2 with me. Yesterday I finished another for her and today got another one started. I was hoping to have it finished for her to pick up tomorrow... but alas ~ problems with the tension again. Oh and speaking of finished quilts.... here is the brown dinosaur quilt that I finished a week ago. It has been delivered to the parents-to-be and I have been told that they love it. Now if I could just find the backing for the red & blue dinos, I would be thrilled! That picture will have to wait for a while though ~ got too much going on right now to fret over that one :-) Well it is getting late and I need to get up and go to work tomorrow.... the weekends just fly by too darn fast!! Hope you all have a great week ~ and remember to cherish those you love.

Do something creative & enjoy!!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

I think I fell asleep at the wheel ~ AGAIN!!!

Where have I been.... what have I been doing???

The answers to these and other questions will be coming up after these messages.... JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

The answer is nothing really special ~

I have been here at home.. and at work ~ I have been working at work... and at home either quilting, watching TV, or reading I have read about 12 books and a couple short stories ~ all on my Pandigital and I am still loving it!!! All the books so far have been the right price... FREE!!!!

I have had quilts that I have been working on for clients, 3 finished and 4 left to do. Finished the brown dinosaur quilt finally ~ still waiting to wash and deliver that one... the blue dinosaur quilt top is finished but need to find the right flannel for the back of it (so that one is on hold, pictures to come later). The last time I posted, I told you about a friend being diagnosed with breast cancer ~ I have designed a quilt for her and some of our co-workers have been coming by since the first week in Feb to help make the blocks. I finished the borders last Friday night ... OK so it was 1:55 AM Saturday morning(what's a few hours when you are doing something you enjoy!). I got it loaded on the long arm last weekend and was up till 1AM again last night ~ but managed to get the quilting finished and the binding sewn on. Today and tomorrow I will spend my time... making the label, hand stitching the binding ~ HOPEFULLY washing it and getting it ready to present to her, but first I need to get the photo album ready that will go along with it. That and working on taxes, laundry, and loading up another client quilt, and I guess it is time to get that KSL add back up and running! I have got to get that $$ coming in somehow! :-) I will be trying to get more classes up and running again so if you know of anyone that wants to learn to make a quilt I am a pretty good teacher ~ and lots of fun to have around!! Stacy & Violet have been in Florida visiting her Dad and his fiancee, and some of her friends for the last 2 weeks ~ they will be going home on Wed of next week. Violet... normally a very happy girl has been a bit less than that during their vacation .... What is with her and Grandpa anyhow?

Even taking a snooze in the car she looks unhappy.... check out them fists!!

She mellows out a bit for her pool time though, she ALMOST looks happy.

Well now that it is nearly lunch time, I will stop and get me some cereal ~ watch a couple episodes of NCIS & Young Riders with Doc and get back to work on the quilt. You all take care and as always ~ find a way to be creative and enjoy!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


OK so I know it has been a while again since my last post..... Christmas has come and gone..... and now New Years as well. I know I have asked this before.... but WHERE does time go???

I have been keeping myself really busy ~ missing my girls .... work..... movies & TV with Doc... quilting and reading. Yep I said reading.... something I always loved growing up and even after I had Stacy I loved reading. Well I totally splurged and bought myself a Pandigital E-Reader.... I have already finished my first book on it and even picked up the book on my bedside table and started reading that too. Great thing to have...and you can even get FREE books at Barnes & Noble..... Downloaded while you still look! AMAZING!!!

Oh and for those Embroidery Machine owners out there.... a new client told me about this incredible website..... $6.00 a month for as many designs as you want. FUN STUFF!!!! http://www.embroiderydk.com/ the day I paid my first $6.00 I downloaded 138 designs .... but I am NOT addicted....... no I'm really not.

I finished all the quilts for my supervisor by the second week in December..... got them all delivered and then the final customer quilt was finished on 12/21... WHEW!

Now I get to do the quilts that I have fallen behind with :-) ...... I finished one for a former quilting student.... she is having her first baby..... SOON!!! I am so happy for her and her hubby ~ they have been trying for a long time and this little angel has no clue what a great set of parents she is going to have. So here is the quilt I made for her, I finished this one on Christmas day. Two of the lady bugs on here came from that website :-)
Then I took a 4 day breather before starting in on my next endeavors. Once again I have turned to the coolest website, my next 2 quilts have the same theme......and use the same pattern ~
these are for boys so we have dinosaurs!!! In looking at my stash I decided to do the first one in browns.... HOLY COW!!!! It is so cute, I started cutting out the fabric on 12/31 at like 7:30 AM and had the top together along with 3 of the 5 embroidery designs before going to bed .... just after midnight. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Now I need to go get something for the backing..... but first need to start another one ~ this one is for the cousin of the brown one..... so it will have dinos on it too...... but in shades of blue with red and the dinos will match :-). It is a work in progress.... but I am HOPING to have the top together by mid week and get the embroidery done by the weekend....
LOL wish me luck on that one!!! I know there are a lot of holes on this one ~ but the TV is covered with pieces of fabric ;-) Once I get
the top together for this one I am off to the first of 2 client quilts for January.
Oh did I mention that this week is month end at work???? LOL WHERE can I buy more time.... and how do I pay for it?
Well I better get back to that fabric on the TV ~ need to get a few more rows put together. Oh shoot... laundry.... aghhhhhhhhhhhhh I am out of here!!!
Take care and remember ~
Creativity is good for the soul!!! Go out and be creative!!