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Saturday, November 27, 2010

HOLY COW!! Where has the time gone?

WOW the last post was back in September???? HOW did that happened??
I am so sorry..... I didn't think I had been THAT busy!
Let's see... WHAT HAVE I been doing??

September brought Doc's birthday ~ our Anniversary ~ my birthday & a bone density test. Not so much other than working full time :-)

October: 1) card class @ Carol's 2) quilt dropped off via referral from a lady I quilted for last year 3) not 1 ... but 2 biopsies of the lump in my neck 4) the Cancer Walk at Liberty Park (my supervisor Carol was just diagnosed with breast cancer) 5) got a call last month from a lady up in Layton that needed assistance with her long arm (she has the same set up that I have)
6) Carol dropped off 3 quilts 7) quilt from above #2 picked up 8) I finished a baby quilt for a lady that brought over blocks that her 3 X great grandmother made 9) Maria ... AKA #2 (from work) came over to work on the Pooh quilt that we started for Ethan's Birthday (her son) 10) appointment with a new Dr. I haven't had an ENT since leaving CA 5 years ago. Turns out this one agrees with me... the lump in my neck needs to GO! 11) rock chip in my windshield on the way home from work.... STUPID TRUCK! Now THAT had to be replaced. They even came out to my work to do it!!! YEAH :-) 12) got 1 of Carol's quilts finished and took it to work 13) baked Halloween cookies to take to work for the Halloween party ~ our team dressed as the People from WalMart SO FUNNY!!!
Now that November is nearly over.....
I spent 6 fun filled rushing days with my girls in Oregon. I arrived on 11/4 Violet's birthday, the next day Stacy's Dad (Bill) arrived, Saturday was Violet's Birthday party, Sunday was another party for Esther (foster daughter of Jeremy's mom & step dad) then to dinner with a friend of S & J. Monday brought a dental appointment for Violet, followed up with her 1 year check up with her Pediatrician. I am sure that you will be thrilled to know that she is now 31" long and weighs 21.3# she is in the upper 92% for her height and right where she should be for weight. Tuesday was the flight home for both me and grandpa Bill. Very sad day for me ~ I love my girls so much and miss them terribly every day! Oh while at the Portland airport I realized that I left my camera in Salem..... no pics to prove I was there :-( So back to work for me on Wed. Carol brought me 2 more quilts at work & I had 2 quilts dropped off from my KSL add that are to be delivered in January, Thanksgiving day morning was spent watching stuff with Doc then downstairs to finish up Carol's quilts and in the last 2 days have finished the other 2 (of 3) quilts that Carol dropped off last month. Carol had her surgery last Monday, so far she is doing well her sister and 2 of her daughters have been taking wonderful care of her this past week. Oh and her sister came over last night to pick up the 2 quilts.... now I only have 2 left for her... got them both embroidered last night and one is on the long arm. My goal for this weekend.... to finish the quilting on that one and get the binding at least cut for it. I have a class to teach today ~ Julie will be here at 10 so need to get moving I guess.

So I PROMISE to do better in the future.... will post weekly.... I HOPE :-)

You all take care and find a way to be creative ~

Happy Holidays from the Young's to you!!