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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doc & I are joining a local Cancer Walk :-)

We have 11 days to get more support and team members .... come join us in the fight!
We have all been touched in one way or another by this dreaded disease .... help put a stop to it!!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

YEAH ME!!!!! I made it through my Saturday :-)

Fun day but busy!!!

Julie was here for her class.... Yes I got a pic!!! SEE~~~>
She has done a great job and will be back in October to start her filler blocks.
When she left here I packed up and headed to see another Julie ~ she was having a "Close To My Heart" party. For those of you ... like me that had never heard of it ~ check it out on line!! They have SUCH COOL STUFF!!!!! Scrap booking to the max for sure!
Anyhow had a great time and then back home :-) I finished the ripping on the T-shirt quilt and started stitching the borders ~ more than half way finished with it before turning in for the night :-)
Today is hair dying, laundry, TV with Doc & finishing that quilt getting it ready for pick up on Monday! Guess I better get moving huh???

SO have a great day ~ have fun and get crafty!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Has it really been 4 weeks??

WOW ~ time has really flown by!
Where has it gone?
What have I been doing?
work... home.....work.... home......work... home... I think I see a pattern here :-/

I really haven't done much...... I dyed my hair on Labor day (it really needs to be done again!!)
Got 2 quilts dropped off.... well 1 top ... and 43 grand mothers flower garden blocks. I need to get the blocks sewn into a top next week..... and the completed top.... well need to add sides to it so that I can straighten it up before quilting it. I really need to learn to look at quilt tops, and blocks better before agreeing to finish them for people!!! WHEN will I learn?

I did finish Violet's Elmo quilt for her birthday.... and bought my tickets for Oregon. Can you believe that Violet will be 1 in less than 6 weeks????

A friend of a friend/neighbor brought over a T-shirt quilt that she made.... it is on the H/Q now... talked to her today and promised that it would be finished by the end of the weekend. I just need about 4 hours on it and it will be ready :-)

Doc's Birthday week ~I respected his wishes and did nothing for his B.D. this year.... I really miss not having a B.D. for him :-(. I understand why he doesn't want to celebrate his birthday.... on his birthday..... but, oh well he will never change his mind on this so I will just give up. Our anniversary was just a couple days later ~ 7 years. Just another example of time flying!!

I did manage to get a teeny bit of quilting done on the Amish quilt before I had to take it off the H/Q (by the way ~ if ANYONE can come up with a good name for her...my quilting machine.... let me know!! ) I also started hand quilting the falling leaves wall hanging ~ for a few nights the first week I averaged 1 leaf a night. Then I took it downstairs for some reason.... and haven't touched it since. OOPS!

Hair cut on the 18th..... along with a card class @ Carol's .... then came home and Carol and her sister Janita came over for a "binding 101" class. Oh and I got a call from a lady that lives up in Layton this week. She wants me to drive up there and help her with HER H/Q. She has the identical set up to mine. I have scheduled her for a Saturday in Oct.

That brings us to this week...more of the work... home stuff with the addition of a dental appointment... time spent at the hospital for an ultra sound on my birthday. More work ... home stuff, and HEY IT HAS been 4 weeks! Almost forgot... now I need to have a biopsy done, will this fun NEVER END???

So tomorrow I have a class at 10 for the Snowman Quilt. I will try to get pics of Julie's quilt and post it... she is doing such a good job!! Then as soon as her class is over I need to drive out to Herriman for a Scrap book party at my bosse's house. Then back home to FINISH the T-shirt quilt!!! Then it will be Sunday and I will be doing laundry ~ and sewing the grand mothers flower garden blocks together. Oh and did I mention that it is month end at work??? SHOOT ME NOW!!!

OK off to watch another episode of MISSING with Doc ~

Have a great evening/weekend/week :-)