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Friday, July 23, 2010

As another weekend approaches ~~

What are the plans for MY Time 2 Quilt for the next 48 hours?

Well, there is a quilt on the design wall .... it is one that got started YEARS ago when I was "working" for AOL. As a "board monitor" There had been no activity for weeks on the board, so I started up a block swap.... but not just any block swap ~ this is an Amish swap. There were 8 ladies that chose to participate, each making 7 matching blocks. Well this was back in 2001 I think... and I am FINALLY going to get my top together, right after I make 1 more block!

So, in answer to my question.....I will be working on getting this quilt top put together. I have almost 2 full days to do it, so do it I shall!

LOL ~ I know it's really REALLY colorful!!

Well, till I get back with the finished top to show ~ happy quilting to all and to all a good night.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What will today hold for MY Time 2 Quilt???

The plan is to head over to Joann's for a little show and tell.

I bought some fabric there a couple weeks ago for a class that I plan on teaching in Sept.
Here is the wall hanging :-) I told the cutting lady I would come show her... so off to Joann's it is!!
Anyone that is interested in the class let me know!! It will be on Sept 18, 2010 ~ here at the HQ of MY Time 2 Quilt in West Valley City, Utah.

For now I have to get going ~ Take care and happy quilting!!