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Saturday, November 27, 2010

HOLY COW!! Where has the time gone?

WOW the last post was back in September???? HOW did that happened??
I am so sorry..... I didn't think I had been THAT busy!
Let's see... WHAT HAVE I been doing??

September brought Doc's birthday ~ our Anniversary ~ my birthday & a bone density test. Not so much other than working full time :-)

October: 1) card class @ Carol's 2) quilt dropped off via referral from a lady I quilted for last year 3) not 1 ... but 2 biopsies of the lump in my neck 4) the Cancer Walk at Liberty Park (my supervisor Carol was just diagnosed with breast cancer) 5) got a call last month from a lady up in Layton that needed assistance with her long arm (she has the same set up that I have)
6) Carol dropped off 3 quilts 7) quilt from above #2 picked up 8) I finished a baby quilt for a lady that brought over blocks that her 3 X great grandmother made 9) Maria ... AKA #2 (from work) came over to work on the Pooh quilt that we started for Ethan's Birthday (her son) 10) appointment with a new Dr. I haven't had an ENT since leaving CA 5 years ago. Turns out this one agrees with me... the lump in my neck needs to GO! 11) rock chip in my windshield on the way home from work.... STUPID TRUCK! Now THAT had to be replaced. They even came out to my work to do it!!! YEAH :-) 12) got 1 of Carol's quilts finished and took it to work 13) baked Halloween cookies to take to work for the Halloween party ~ our team dressed as the People from WalMart SO FUNNY!!!
Now that November is nearly over.....
I spent 6 fun filled rushing days with my girls in Oregon. I arrived on 11/4 Violet's birthday, the next day Stacy's Dad (Bill) arrived, Saturday was Violet's Birthday party, Sunday was another party for Esther (foster daughter of Jeremy's mom & step dad) then to dinner with a friend of S & J. Monday brought a dental appointment for Violet, followed up with her 1 year check up with her Pediatrician. I am sure that you will be thrilled to know that she is now 31" long and weighs 21.3# she is in the upper 92% for her height and right where she should be for weight. Tuesday was the flight home for both me and grandpa Bill. Very sad day for me ~ I love my girls so much and miss them terribly every day! Oh while at the Portland airport I realized that I left my camera in Salem..... no pics to prove I was there :-( So back to work for me on Wed. Carol brought me 2 more quilts at work & I had 2 quilts dropped off from my KSL add that are to be delivered in January, Thanksgiving day morning was spent watching stuff with Doc then downstairs to finish up Carol's quilts and in the last 2 days have finished the other 2 (of 3) quilts that Carol dropped off last month. Carol had her surgery last Monday, so far she is doing well her sister and 2 of her daughters have been taking wonderful care of her this past week. Oh and her sister came over last night to pick up the 2 quilts.... now I only have 2 left for her... got them both embroidered last night and one is on the long arm. My goal for this weekend.... to finish the quilting on that one and get the binding at least cut for it. I have a class to teach today ~ Julie will be here at 10 so need to get moving I guess.

So I PROMISE to do better in the future.... will post weekly.... I HOPE :-)

You all take care and find a way to be creative ~

Happy Holidays from the Young's to you!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doc & I are joining a local Cancer Walk :-)

We have 11 days to get more support and team members .... come join us in the fight!
We have all been touched in one way or another by this dreaded disease .... help put a stop to it!!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

YEAH ME!!!!! I made it through my Saturday :-)

Fun day but busy!!!

Julie was here for her class.... Yes I got a pic!!! SEE~~~>
She has done a great job and will be back in October to start her filler blocks.
When she left here I packed up and headed to see another Julie ~ she was having a "Close To My Heart" party. For those of you ... like me that had never heard of it ~ check it out on line!! They have SUCH COOL STUFF!!!!! Scrap booking to the max for sure!
Anyhow had a great time and then back home :-) I finished the ripping on the T-shirt quilt and started stitching the borders ~ more than half way finished with it before turning in for the night :-)
Today is hair dying, laundry, TV with Doc & finishing that quilt getting it ready for pick up on Monday! Guess I better get moving huh???

SO have a great day ~ have fun and get crafty!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Has it really been 4 weeks??

WOW ~ time has really flown by!
Where has it gone?
What have I been doing?
work... home.....work.... home......work... home... I think I see a pattern here :-/

I really haven't done much...... I dyed my hair on Labor day (it really needs to be done again!!)
Got 2 quilts dropped off.... well 1 top ... and 43 grand mothers flower garden blocks. I need to get the blocks sewn into a top next week..... and the completed top.... well need to add sides to it so that I can straighten it up before quilting it. I really need to learn to look at quilt tops, and blocks better before agreeing to finish them for people!!! WHEN will I learn?

I did finish Violet's Elmo quilt for her birthday.... and bought my tickets for Oregon. Can you believe that Violet will be 1 in less than 6 weeks????

A friend of a friend/neighbor brought over a T-shirt quilt that she made.... it is on the H/Q now... talked to her today and promised that it would be finished by the end of the weekend. I just need about 4 hours on it and it will be ready :-)

Doc's Birthday week ~I respected his wishes and did nothing for his B.D. this year.... I really miss not having a B.D. for him :-(. I understand why he doesn't want to celebrate his birthday.... on his birthday..... but, oh well he will never change his mind on this so I will just give up. Our anniversary was just a couple days later ~ 7 years. Just another example of time flying!!

I did manage to get a teeny bit of quilting done on the Amish quilt before I had to take it off the H/Q (by the way ~ if ANYONE can come up with a good name for her...my quilting machine.... let me know!! ) I also started hand quilting the falling leaves wall hanging ~ for a few nights the first week I averaged 1 leaf a night. Then I took it downstairs for some reason.... and haven't touched it since. OOPS!

Hair cut on the 18th..... along with a card class @ Carol's .... then came home and Carol and her sister Janita came over for a "binding 101" class. Oh and I got a call from a lady that lives up in Layton this week. She wants me to drive up there and help her with HER H/Q. She has the identical set up to mine. I have scheduled her for a Saturday in Oct.

That brings us to this week...more of the work... home stuff with the addition of a dental appointment... time spent at the hospital for an ultra sound on my birthday. More work ... home stuff, and HEY IT HAS been 4 weeks! Almost forgot... now I need to have a biopsy done, will this fun NEVER END???

So tomorrow I have a class at 10 for the Snowman Quilt. I will try to get pics of Julie's quilt and post it... she is doing such a good job!! Then as soon as her class is over I need to drive out to Herriman for a Scrap book party at my bosse's house. Then back home to FINISH the T-shirt quilt!!! Then it will be Sunday and I will be doing laundry ~ and sewing the grand mothers flower garden blocks together. Oh and did I mention that it is month end at work??? SHOOT ME NOW!!!

OK off to watch another episode of MISSING with Doc ~

Have a great evening/weekend/week :-)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

here we go again ~~~

Another week has come and gone.... AGAIN ~~~~
Where has the time gone?
Let me see, last week I told you about the "needle set screw" on my HQ. Well as luck would have it, I didn't break it :-) good thing! I ordered a replacement for it and even though it took an entire week to get to me .... with a little effort it is now functioning again YIPPEE... have I used it yet.... not so much, got too much else going on! But here is a pic of what I did get done last weekend before the screw incident. Yeah I know... this quilt is going to take a LONG TIME to get finished!

Since I couldn't work on the HQ last weekend I had to do something creative.... so I started working on a little birthday quilt for Violet :-) The top is finished, and I am quilting it on my Janome 11000 ~ so here it is ~ oh, I should tell you that Miss Violet LOVES Elmo..... so I HAD to get this fabric!! I have it almost 1/2 way quilted and HOPE to have it finished by next weekend ~ YIPPEE it's gonna be a 3 day weekend!!!! Anyhow the quilting on this lil thing consists of stitch in a ditch along the verticle lines.... and around the stars too ~ oh and I have penciled in more stars that will just get quilted around. The binding will be the pink that is around most of the outer edge. It is going to be really cute when finished. Did I mention that Violet LOVES Elmo??? The reason ~ well a picture is worth a thousand words right??

Other projects that are SUPPOSED to be getting done this weekend
and next???? I will be teaching a class in September, so I need to get
the sample done. I am doing it as a wall hanging but I think most of my
students are doing a table runner. I have the pattern & fabrics ready to start on. As you can see by this pic..... I am READY!

I also went to Joann’s and found the backing for a
Christmas quilt that I did back in 2000 as a block
of the month "Snowman Collector".....
think this backing is going to look great....

so does my little helper Janome.

Oh and some fabric that I bought in CA back in the late 90's... well I knew, and bought this with a specific pattern in mind.... and now I really am going to make it!!! Two of my former class mates from Helen's class wanted to know if I remembered how to make this.... and I sort of do but will make my 3rd one and write to them to let them know the results. So that would be #5 in line I guess ~ LOL sorry about the pattern napping..... I am having problems turning things right now... maybe later I will be able to figure it out :-)
OK I need to finish laundry…. and get downstairs ~ so till next time …
Be happy and be creative!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another weekend ......

Well I have good news ... and bad news ~ I managed to get the back of the Amish quilt finished last Sunday ... and loaded on the HQ, just like I had hoped. Then suddenly the thread started snapping .... and snapping .... did I say snapping? It took me about 3 hours to get a small 3' X 18" strip quilted. Called Gayla for some words of wisdom Monday evening she came out after work to see what was wrong ... seems at some point I BOKE MY SCREW! (Needle set screw that is) I have evidently tightened it too much so have been (im)patiently waiting for the arrival of a new one .... and HOPING that a new screw is all she needs. So till I get her up and running again I am "dead in the water" ~ but finding other things to keep me somewhat out of trouble.

I have made my first SOCK MONKEY, which I can hear Mom laughing about. It is very small ..... has mismatched ears .... and the tail is fatter than the legs .... OOPS!! But hey I tried .... and with the directions that came with this... well lets just say it could have turned out a lot worse! I figure that if I make a couple more of them ~ maybe the one for Violet's Birthday might even look like a sock monkey.

Today I went to a card making class... it really is addicting.... I DON'T NEED TO BE ADDICTED TO THIS TOO!!!! But so fun ~ Class is once a month at my supervisor & her sister's place $10.00 for 10 cards .... takes about 3 hours to get them done ~ really FUN!

Well I am off to watch a movie with hubby ~ you all have a great weekend!!
Take care … and go create something!!
And remember ~ YOU are the only one that can put limitations on what you do !

Sunday, August 8, 2010

FYI ~~~

I did it!!!! Here is a pic of the finished quilt top ~
This puppy is HUGE!! This week I hope to get the backing sewn together so that I can load it onto the HQ next weekend.
So everyone have a great week and think quilty thoughts :-)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Where did last weekend go??

Sorry about last week friends ~
It sort of came and went and no news from MY Time 2 Quilt.
Well let me try to recap for you ~
Work has been a bit hectic.... month end + lots of hours + refinancing the house = no time for quilts :-(
Now that I have managed to make it to another weekend I WILL finish that darn quilt top!!!
I did manage to get all the vertical sashing done for the blocks 2 weeks ago, and 1/2 of the horizontal sashing (4 rows sewn together) I am HOPING that I still have time this evening to get down there and get 2 rows together before coming up for an evening of TV with hubby...... Good plan ~ wonder if it will work :-) Oh and NEXT weekend I plan on posting the finished top (fingers crossed) My ultimate goal ~ is to have that darn quilt on the HQ before the end of the month..... yeah me!!
OK I am off to the studio .... wish me luck!! Have a great weekend

Friday, July 23, 2010

As another weekend approaches ~~

What are the plans for MY Time 2 Quilt for the next 48 hours?

Well, there is a quilt on the design wall .... it is one that got started YEARS ago when I was "working" for AOL. As a "board monitor" There had been no activity for weeks on the board, so I started up a block swap.... but not just any block swap ~ this is an Amish swap. There were 8 ladies that chose to participate, each making 7 matching blocks. Well this was back in 2001 I think... and I am FINALLY going to get my top together, right after I make 1 more block!

So, in answer to my question.....I will be working on getting this quilt top put together. I have almost 2 full days to do it, so do it I shall!

LOL ~ I know it's really REALLY colorful!!

Well, till I get back with the finished top to show ~ happy quilting to all and to all a good night.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What will today hold for MY Time 2 Quilt???

The plan is to head over to Joann's for a little show and tell.

I bought some fabric there a couple weeks ago for a class that I plan on teaching in Sept.
Here is the wall hanging :-) I told the cutting lady I would come show her... so off to Joann's it is!!
Anyone that is interested in the class let me know!! It will be on Sept 18, 2010 ~ here at the HQ of MY Time 2 Quilt in West Valley City, Utah.

For now I have to get going ~ Take care and happy quilting!!